What we offer

We offer personalized, comprehensive solutions for the efficient and economical operation of water and/or steam systems, without production downtime.

We quickly and safely resolve all types of biocides, corrosion, and deposition problems in heating, cooling, and steam systems, as well as drinking water pipelines. All of this is achieved without the usual operational shutdown, production loss, and other negatives.

Here are some of our services

  • Periodic and continuous water treatment for simple and complex steam systems
  • Periodic and continuous water treatment for heating systems
  • Periodic and continuous water treatment for open and closed cooling systems
  • Periodic and continuous treatment and disinfection of drinking water
  • Comprehensive water balance assessment
  • Planning of starting projects and technical consulting

Our Work Steps

  • On-site visit and discussion
  • Determination of the technical parameters of the system, initial quick water sample analysis on-site
  • Comprehensive analysis of the collected water sample and evaluation of the results
  • Comparison of on-site data (system type, condition, usage requirements) and the water analysis report; analysis of the obtained data
  • Selection and testing of appropriate products
  • Personalized solution proposal based on the above, to achieve technical and economic objectives
  • Second on-site visit and personal discussion of the solution proposal
  • Setting optimal values
  • Periodic water testing at agreed intervals

Product Development

From Concept to Finished Product

Product development encompasses the entire process from concept to market launch. To achieve our goal as quickly as possible, research and development are at the core of our focus. Thanks to close collaboration within our company, we can optimize the product and service while taking into account individual customer preferences. For us, it is fundamental to integrate eco-friendly, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable features into the product. Development and manufacturing are carried out exclusively to meet our high-quality standards. Existing supervision and inspections during the manufacturing process ensure consistent high quality tailored to your needs. Customized solutions for your applications are our priority.

Optimized for your application

We offer a wide range of water treatment chemicals and systems, as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents, hygiene products, degreasers, and solvents. Since not every industrial situation has a ready-made solution, we deeply consider our customer’s preferences in such cases and develop a personalized product. Comprehensive laboratory testing and supervision ensure that the chemical substances found in the personalized formulations meet customer expectations in terms of quality and quantity.

Benefits for Our Customers

  • Personalized formulations that meet customer expectations
  • Manufacturing in line with high-quality standards
  • Laboratory product testing and supervision
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • Everything from one source

Private label products

Meeting Customer Wishes with a Personalized Touch

We are your competent partner for private label products and contract manufacturing. Would you like to promote and sell your own product with your own product name or label? We can bring your individual product to life! We can produce according to your own recipe, even in low quantities. Enjoy the benefits of our private label solutions and explore new opportunities for positioning your product in the market. Feel free to contact us; we provide detailed consultation. We support you in the conceptualization and product design process.

Our Services

  • Recipe development
  • Manufacturing
  • Product analysis and testing
  • Filling, labelling, and packaging
  • Licensing
  • Documentation and safety data sheet creation
  • Logistics and neutral shipping to your customers

Get in touch with us, and we will assist you!